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Commissioning a new piece of music is a fun, exciting process that results in a new work composed and specifically tailored to you or your ensemble. You will have the exclusive rights to the first performance of this work and to determine what the dedication will be. Every future copy of the score, as well as every program note for this piece, will name you as the commissioner.

There are plenty of reasons to commission a new work: to commemorate a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary; to honor a friend or important person in your life; to give a new piece of music as a gift; to expand the repertoire for a particular ensemble or instrument. 

For Connor, the most exciting aspect of writing a commissioned work is crafting a new piece custom-made for ensemble for which it is written. Writing specifically to fit an ensembles needs serves to be an exciting challenge for most composers! (Connor included). 

Commissioning rates are based on the size of the ensemble for whom the piece is written as well as the length of the commissioned piece. See the Commissioning Information document for information regarding prices (all prices are negotiable).


Curious about commissioning a new work from Connor? Email with questions and ideas!