How does it work?

After you find the piece(s) you'd like to purchase, just add them to your cart and fill out the form at checkout.  After you have gone through the purchasing process, I will send you a PDF file licensed for your use. It will be permitted for duplication, but only for the number of copies you need.

Can I get a perusal copy?

All scores on the site have PDF file that are available for viewing. Simply visit the page for the score you wish to see and scroll down. If you would like to view your own personal perusal score, just give me an email at connor@connorjkoppin.com and I return one to you as soon as possible. 

What if I ordered the incorrect amount of copies?

If you would like to print more copies than you ordered, simply visit the product page and purchase the number of extra copies you need. Again, any question can be directed towards to my email and I would be happy to answer them. 



Why PDF files instead of physical octavos?

As a self publishing composer, I am trying to make the process of buying and selling music as simple as possible for all parties involved (including myself). There is nothing more simple than using PDF files to send and receive a piece of music. I spend a large amount of time focusing on making each PDF look as polished and neat as possible in hopes meet the quality of traditional publishers. Thank you for supporting independent publishers!


For more questions email connor@connorjkoppin.com and thank you for reading!