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MPLS (imPulse) to premiere "All the Hemispheres"


Dreams... Reality... Can we really tell the difference? Our October performance will explore the world of dreams in choral music. From our most pleasant dreams to the obscure, 
Falling Awake will leave you laughing, crying, and on the edge of your seat. For this performance, MPLS (imPulse) will collaborate with Rachel Jendrzejewski, founder ofoneir0nautics, which is an ongoing public art project that explores dreams and their relationships to everyday life. Rachel will collaborate with MPLS (imPulse) to incorporate oneir0nautics within the performance. This partnership will connect audience members and their own dreams to the music being performed. The performance will also feature the world premiere of All the Hemispheres, a newly commissioned work by award winning composer and conductor, Connor Koppin.