The Pool of Blue

The Pool of Blue
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Commissioned in celebration of the 50th annual Dorian Summer Music Camp, Luther College, Decorah, IA

Dorian Festival Chorus

Andrew Last, Conductor



The Score


Peace flows into me

As the tide to the pool by the shore;

   It is mine forevermore,

It ebbs not back like the sea.


I am the pool of blue

   That worships the vivid sky;

   My hopes were heaven-high,


I am the pool of gold

   When sunset burns and dies,--

   You are my deepening skies,

Give me your stars to hold.

Product Information

I was first drawn to the text because of its vivid nature. Sara Teasdale uses such great imagery in her writing, especially here in “Peace Flows into me”. After only knowing the poem for a short while, I noticed that there are two significant elements at play; water and the sky. I used these two pieces of information as fuel for my composition. I felt as though the vivid nature of this text required me to physically place listeners and performers in this ethereal and cathartic location. The piano and choir are constantly changing roles between sea and sky, so as to create a conversation between these two entities.  Whether or not this poem is sacred, I am unsure. I do know that this poem is about relationships; about the cataclysmic effect of one person’s presence in another’s life. Teasdale led a life that was full of dark moments, and eventually she took her own life. This poem serves as that moment of clarity that one finds when they are truly understood by another.